You can rent the Floating Sauna!

It is located either at “Laivu Centrs” in the Daugava river or in Lake Kisezers by Mazaparks bathing- place.

Observing sailing and other rules, you can enjoy an excellent trip along the Daugava river or Lake Kisezers, combined with relaxation on the water and taking steam bath.

One option - we start from “Laivu centrs” or “Statoil” petrol station at Krasta street, passage along the Daugava river till the President’s castle, it is very comfortable and pleasing to bathe and use sauna between two islands - Zakusala and Lucavsala, but there exist more than one hundred options. You can choose a route from the island Dole to Lake Baltezers. Everything depends on your wishes and fantasy.

Simultaneously 8 people can be on board; however it should be taken into account that one of them is the captain who can leave the board just if the sauna is anchored.

Rest on the floating sauna is fantastic, just rules how to use the sauna should be observed.


Minimum time – 2 hours that cost Ls 50.00.

The following hours – if the floating sauna moves – Ls 25 per hour, if the sauna is anchored - from Ls 10 to Ls 20, depending on total time spent on board and other circumstances.

For example – start from “Laivu centrs” (Boat centre) and 2 hours along the Daugava river Ls 50,-, 2 hours by Zakusala Ls 30,-, return to “Laivu centrs” Ls 5. Total Ls 85, to make it a round sum - Ls 80 for 4.5 hours.

Welcome on board, call: + 371 29447861, +371 29130949.

You can rent also mobile sauna!

Mobile sauna with genuine steam!

Ls 80 per day, delivery Ls 0.25 per km, meter starts and stops spinning in the island Dole (Salaspils municipality). Prices are the same price on weekends and on holidays.

Try, you will be pleased!