Mobile sauna

Both floating and mobile saunas are made as real saunas where it is possible to steam and flap yourself with birch-twigs. It has:

  • 2,35 m long sweating shelf, on which even tall people would feel comfortable,
  • An excellent, well considered sauna heater giving sufficient heat and steam,
  • Round shaped room and well thought out air circulation,
  • Pleasing microclimate since solely natural materials are used. In no place there is either stone wool, or any other unhealthy heat insulation materials, it is heated from outside,
  • Treated with eco linseed oi.

Parameters of the Sauna

Total length – 3,9 m,

Length of the sweating room – 2,35 m,

Diameter – 2,45 m,

Weight – approx. 800 kg.

It is possible to transport mobile sauna on a trailer, place in a yard, lawn or any beautiful place near water, so in any place convenient for You. Design is not required for the sauna.

You can use this sauna also in winter, however it should be taken into account that antechamber is open, so you would need another heated space for relaxation.


We offer saunas of two types:

- with an open antechamber - you can use the sauna also in wintertime, however it should be taken into account that the antechamber is open, you will need some other heated space for relaxing after steambathes, it is ideal in hot seasons.

Price without VAT - Ls 1900,

- with a closed antechamber (with a special slightly toned monopoleycarbonate), even in wintertime there will warm and cosy.

Price without VAT - 2190.